How to do order in a free form?
If you can not find in the search form your route or you have custom order, you can order a transfer, please contact our managers.

Booking the return transfer
The price for the return transfer is the same as for the direct one.

How can I make sure that my booking was accepted?
As soon as you make the booking, you will receive confirmation on your email

What is the minimum time to book a transfer?
Online bookings are accepted, at least, 16 hours before the transfer. If less than 16 hours are left, please, contact our support team

How to pay?
The whole amount you pay in cash to the driver after your transfer.

In what currency to pay the driver?
Payment may be made in the currency specified in the voucher (usually Euro or USD) or in local currency at the official rate.

Is the price for the car or per passenger?
The price is for the car. It doesn’t depend on the number of passengers.

Does the price depend on the date of arrival?
No, it doesn’t. You may book your transfer for any date

How to meet my driver?
If your voucher doesn’t contain driver’s phone number, we will email it to you no later than 24 hours.
The driver will meet you holding a nameplate with your name.
In case of not meeting with driver, please call emergency phone number +908508402084

Will my driver take me to the hotel?
Yes, this is door to door transfer type

What to do if the flight is delayed?
As soon as you know that your flight is delayed, contact your driver or our staff.